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Exciting new changes in 2021!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We at the Special Improvement District of Downtown Woodbridge are thrilled to announce the launch of our 2021 marketing with a new logo, tagline, social media accounts and this website in the midst of the redevelopment of Main Street!

Keeping with the town’s nostalgic green color, our new logo combines the hustle and bustle of downtown, showcasing future apartment buildings, businesses, and the convenient hub of the train station, with the family friendly atmosphere of Main Street.

Accompanying our logo is the inspirational and hopeful tagline, “We Believe in Main Street” which holds a special message of anticipation and optimism for things to come.

As the new year begins, our new website will be a resource for visitors to explore Downtown Woodbridge and all it has to offer - from shopping, fine dining, beauty salons, fitness gyms, and more.

Stay tuned to our official website and follow along on social media!

Facebook: @downtownwoodbridge

Instagram: @downtown_woodbridge

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