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About the Main Street Improvement District

The Main Street Special Improvement District (SID) was created in 2007 by Ordinance with the purpose of securing additional parking for the downtown Woodbridge business district bounded by Route 35, Rahway Avenue, Main Street and Green Street. Expenses for the Special Improvement District are paid by assessment of all properties identified in said district.

Since the inception of the Downtown SID they have contributed in purchasing the necessary property and the completion of constructing 2 new merchant parking lots in downtown Woodbridge. After accomplishing their founding goals they began focusing their efforts to improving the quality of Downtown Woodbridge. Looking towards the future the Downtown SID is working in conjunction with the Woodbridge Redevelopment Agency, who is actively pursuing the development of 3 housing projects in Downtown. The SID’s new objective is to improve the overall appeal of the downtown so that when new residents begin to move into the area, they are greeted with restaurants, small shops and an attractive downtown that they are excited to spend time in. They are also looking to attract visitors from all over Woodbridge and outside of the municipality. 

The SID once again planted flowers around the trees on Main Street in the Spring and also added flower pots on the sidewalks. They are also currently working on adding a picnic area to Parker Press Park as they have done at the top of Main Street; this has been successful in encouraging more individuals to spend their lunch breaks on Main Street. As part of some larger projects the SID has instituted a façade rehabilitation program for the businesses with the hopes of improving the overall curb appeal of Downtown Woodbridge. 

Building foot traffic and growth within a Downtown is not an easy process, but Woodbridge Township is extremely lucky to have the members of the Downtown SID working vigorously to improve the overall experience to all visitors of Main Street Woodbridge.

Redevelopment of Downtown Woodbridge is in full swing with help from the mild winter so far at 10 Green Street, 10 Main Street, Brook Street Lofts on Pearl Street as well as  Vermella Woodbridge which is a project being built at the Old Hess Property on upper Main Street.  Middlesex Hotel, the former Striking Fist property is being designed to revitalize the corner property to provide an attractive entrance to the downtown.  The township is also looking at the construction of two parking decks in the downtown are. The decks will provide necessary parking for the enhanced downtown area.

The Mission

Main Street Improvement District Map

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